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Kilos of food saved


Meals delivered


Kilos of waste reduced

Reuse Good Food

Rescue surplus quality food

From business donors, growers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers


Collection and redistribution

Manage logistics supply, sorting and transportation

NOURISH communities

Via 50+ Partner Agencies

Manage logistics supply, sorting and transportation

Help the planet

Zero Waste

Reducing carbon, minimising landfill, helping save the planets


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Where does the Fair Food rescued food go?

Avondale Refugee Centre
Alternative Education
Avondale Community
Action Child & Family Service I Waitemata DHB
Day Spring Trust
Emerge Aotearoa
Education and Employment
Elim Christian Centre, West Auckland
Faith Pointe Community Foodbank
Family action
Generation Ignite Food Bank
Good Shepherd
Good Neighbour
Haven Foundation
Health West (Young Dads)
Health west/ whanau ora
Hope Foundation (Encounter)
Kelston Community Hub
Lifewise – Waitakere Community Outreach
MPHS Community
Operation Hope
Ohana Young Parent Charitable Trust
Ranui Baptist Community Care
Regional Work Rehab
Salvation Army
Street Ministries (Homeless services)
Te Mana
Tuvalu Trust
Te Ata Mental Health Association
Te Ukaipo
Target Education
Waitakere Alternative Education Consortium
Vakatautua Vision West
Womens Centre
Waitakere Waipareira Trust

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  • Seen us out & about? Fair Food is on the road weekdays AND weekends rescuing much needed good food for charities and foodbanks - all the while maintaining safe practices.

If you have good food to donate, get in touch - info@fairfood.org.nz - or donate at givealittle.co.nz/org/fairfood.  Every $1, equals 3 meals. 
We appreciate your support and patience at this time. Kia kaha 💕 
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  • Hi all. We’ve been rescuing good food since 2011 and thus far this virus hasn’t stopped us. If you are are a food business, grower or some such and have perishable or even frozen food/protein to donate, get in touch. We are still feeding the need, and not landfill. Especially now, programs we support like ‘Feed the Streets’, food banks & others, need us more than ever. Get in touch if you can help. If you know a food business outside of Auckland, get in touch too. We can supply a list of food rescue orgs all around NZ.  Kia kaha.⠀
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  • Fair Food is still operating during the COVID-19 lockdown.

For an updated list of charities and community groups who will continue receiving Fair Food food during this period contact us on info@fairfood.org.nz. 
Likewise, if you have good food to donate, get in touch and we can point you in the right direction. We are here to feed the need.

Please contact your local social provider about how to access food.

We appreciate your support and patience at this time. Kia kaha 💕

#covid19lockdown #foodrescue #charity #fairfoodfoodrescue #hometogether
  • Our supermarket staff: we see you, we applaud you,  we are so grateful for you in these exhausting times. We are sorry this burden falls on you. Shoppers: please be kind, be patient today, your food will still be available tomorrow. 
@countdown_nz @farrofresh

#hometogether #stayhomesavelives
 #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community
  • Fair Food Friday operations meeting today! We take social distancing very seriously! Who do you distance for? We're doing it for the community!  #washyourhands #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community
  • With events being cancelled, Fair Food and other food rescue organisations up & down Aotearoa is here to help ensure good food does not go to waste and is brought to those in need. ⠀
Many of the communities we donate good rescued food to may be greatly impacted by work changes or closures from COVID-19. ⠀
Many of the people food rescue and food banks assist may not have the ability to work from home nor the means to ‘stock up’ even a little. Many are already vulnerable and experience food scarcity. ⠀
Please reach out if you have excess food to donate or are interested in contributing or donating to help our efforts right now.  Contact us at info@fairfood.org.nz and we will point you in the right direction.⠀
Look out for each other.⠀
Check-in on your neighbours.⠀
Thank you all for your continued support.⠀
Fair Food. Feeding people, not landfill, connecting communities.⠀
#washyourhands #socialsolidarity⠀
  • Our intention at Fair Food is to continue to operate as safely at possible and to first and foremost serve the vulnerable in our communities who face food scarcity, can't stock up,  and who need us now more than ever. Look out for each other, check in on your neighbours. Thank you for all your continued support. Kia kaha Aotearoa
  • @niciwickesfood in her element, inspiring others! Still reeling from this amazing morning! ⠀
Photo is from the inaugural Fair Food "do good work do." NZI used their volunteering time during an internal conference for people leaders.⠀
 #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community
  • Absolute squad goals ☝⠀
In absentia: our drivers and food rescue SUPERHEROES Simon and Christina. Here is our board, general manager, Dayne from Love Avondale and guest chef Nici Wickes! ⠀
Photo is from the inaugural Fair Food "do good work do." NZI used their volunteering time during an internal conference for people leaders.⠀
 #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community
  • Happy international Women's Day! Today we acknowledge the gendered aspect of food insecurity - where women face greater risk of not having enough to eat. We also acknowledge the amazing wahine working to combat this. All levels of our Fair Food Family champion gender equality! As do our community and volunteer partners. So today, shout out to you, mana wahine, for the mahi you do and continue to do.⠀
Photo is from the inaugural Fair Food "do good work do." NZI used their volunteering time during an internal conference for people leaders.⠀
 #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community
  • Sending aroha from our Fair Food Family to her friends and family 😢💔
  • Group shot from the first Fair Food "Do Good work-do" with NZI. NZI spent their volunteer hours during a conference preparing breakfast for our community leaders and preparing frozen meals for Feed the Streets Avondale. So much love in one photo!!! #fairfoodnz #feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #auckland #community

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