Feeding people, not landfill.


Kilos of food saved


Meals delivered


Kilos of waste reduced

Reuse Good Food

Rescue surplus quality food

From business donors, growers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers


Collection and redistribution

Manage logistics supply, sorting and transportation

NOURISH communities

Via 50+ Partner Agencies

Manage logistics supply, sorting and transportation

Help the planet

Zero Waste

Reducing carbon, minimising landfill, helping save the planets


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Who’s on board


Where does the Fair Food rescued food go?

Avondale Refugee Centre
Alternative Education
Avondale Community
Action Child & Family Service I Waitemata DHB
Day Spring Trust
Emerge Aotearoa
Education and Employment
Elim Christian Centre, West Auckland
Faith Pointe Community Foodbank
Family action
Generation Ignite Food Bank
Good Shepherd
Good Neighbour
Haven Foundation
Health West (Young Dads)
Health west/ whanau ora
Hope Foundation (Encounter)
Kelston Community Hub
Lifewise – Waitakere Community Outreach
MPHS Community
Operation Hope
Ohana Young Parent Charitable Trust
Ranui Baptist Community Care
Regional Work Rehab
Salvation Army
Street Ministries (Homeless services)
Te Mana
Tuvalu Trust
Te Ata Mental Health Association
Te Ukaipo
Target Education
Waitakere Alternative Education Consortium
Vakatautua Vision West
Womens Centre
Waitakere Waipareira Trust

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  • Our project coordinator, Ian, has moved on from Fair Food. He served his time with us and dedicated himself entirely to building our small charity into the bustling and thriving group it is today. With his hard work we expanded our team, our fleet, and our network of supermarkets and charities. It is no small feat to say that this one man touched so many in our community and will be dearly missed. We hope Kerikeri treats you well, dear friend. We will continue to build on the foundation you've established for us. Come back and visit any time you can, haere rā!
  • Happy International Women's Day! Let's take a moment to appreciate the incredible women who work tirelessly in our communities, such as these lovely ladies who work at the Mercy refuge. Your dedication does not go unnoticed, your persistent optimism is astounding and beautiful. 
#foodrescue #west #auckland #fairfoodnz
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. 🌟  We rely on each part of the process to work together in order to receive and redistribute donated food from the supermarket systems. Seeing staff come together like this is wonderful! 
#teamwork #west #auckland #foodrescue #communitybuilding #fairfoodnz
  • Tetris queen strikes again! 
PS: only bread can be stacked like this, fruit and veggies are handled with far more care 😂 happy Friday! 
#foodrescue #fairfoodnz #west #auckland #communitybuilding
  • How much corn could a Hiace hold if a Hiace could hold corn? 
Answer: one pallet

#foodrescue #fairfoodnz #communitybuilding #west #Auckland
  • Should keep the doctors away for a while 🍎 
#foodrescue #communitybuilding #fairfoodnz #west #auckland
  • Happy Friday!! We hope the weekend brings you as much happiness as this food brought Phoenix and Phoenix brought our driver Heather. 
#dogsofinstagram #foodrescue #communitybuilding #fairfoodnz #weekendvibes
  • You may have seen our famous faces from the Trusts magazine this month. Don't forget to take your copy into a West Liquor store to get your hands on a first aid kit! 
#westauckland #foodrescue #businesscollaboration #buildingcommunity
  • Not your normal green screen. 
#feedpeoplenotlandfill #foodrescue #west #Auckland #communityfirst
  • Why do bananas wear sunblock? 
Because they peel 😂🍌🌞
Shout out to Farro Fresh on Constellation Drive for this beautiful bounty of bananas!

#fairfoodnz #foodrescue #feedpeoplenotlandfill #sunsafety #westauckland #
  • Who is enjoying the heatwave?! Climate change is set to increase the frequency and intensity of weather events like the heat we are experiencing in Auckland right now. 
Did you know food waste is a significant contributor to CO2 and non CO2 emissions? Redirecting food from land fill can help reduce climate change! .
#feedpeoplenotlandfill #west #auckland #fairfoodnz #climateaction
  • We are loving these summer fruit colours! 
#feedpeoplenotlandfill #summerloving #west #auckland #foodie #rescuefood #community

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